Providing prices for any electricity or gas supply and providing forecast cost projections for use in budgeting using accurate usage data (please ask for example spreadsheets).


We actively advise our clients on when to purchase their contract, a strategy that has become more prevalent in recent years as prices have continued to rise. Throughout a contract period, the market will usually dip at some point and it is during these windows of opportunity that a new contract can be purchased - even if the current contract does not expire for many months.


We ensure any important renewal window is not missed to avoid sites going onto default rates or rolled over at uncompetitive prices. For any new contracts going forward we can advise on any specific terms and conditions in a contract and will ensure it is accurately set-up with the supplier, including submitting reduced rate VAT forms where required.


We are happy to act as a direct point of contact for any administrative issues that might arise throughout the term of a contract and will liaise with suppliers on our client´s behalf where required. Examples of this might include supplier overcharging, backdated billing, meter read disputes, change of tenancy notices, incorrect billing addresses. We typically respond to any client enquiries same day and will usually resolve an issue immediately wherever possible as we understand how frustrating this can often be.


For managers overseeing multi-site properties and multi-client accounts, we are able to produce regular status reports showing at a glance the status of all energy supply contracts, prices, and indeed any other information which may be of use. This can be updated regularly and shared online where required.


Since 2007 and the limited availability of Credit, suppliers have tended to exercise far greater caution when supplying customers. As a result of this we often have to work much harder for some clients in order to secure a contract. In particular, for residential management blocks, following the ICAEW TECH 03/11 release it can require specific strategies in order to bypass suppliers´ credit departments. Wherever possible, we also ensure the credit status of a quotation is ascertained prior to acceptance in order to avoid the risk of losing prices resulting from supplier credit-checking delays.


We have successfully negotiated with suppliers in order to resolve long running disputes with customers. Examples of this can include suppliers failing to bill correctly then issuing a bill covering several years in one go, where both the rates charged and usage charged is in dispute. Other cases involve advocating on behalf of clients where disputes have been referred to the energy ombudsman.


Examples of our work in this field include meter read discrepancies, incorrect VAT rates, and incorrect pricing. We will analyse invoices and contracts and present a thorough report to suppliers in order to quickly resolve these issues.


We are able to assist with new meter installations and setting up contracts for new supplies. Please contact us for a quotation.


For the majority of contracts we are paid a commission by suppliers which we then receive throughout the lifecycle of a contract. Commission is either paid as a flat fee per meter or as a p/kWh uplift on the delivered unit price depending on the site volume and a number of other factors. We can also work on a fee or share-of-savings basis by providing wholesale prices to clients and then charging a fee directly for the service. In many cases, a combination of both approaches works well as this enables us to deliver a complete "whole-of-market " approach with access to the best rates at all time (suppliers often vary their rates depending on the source of the enquiry).